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Verify your licence of WinSession Logger

Why WinSession Logger?

This keylogger is the only one who can deliver reports by web, ftp,LAN and email, captures urls from IE 9, make trojans installations in 4 clicks, with one licence install in two Pc, pay only a fraction of others products, capture periodicall images of specific windows, controll remote installations because it includes a server. Request free updates for lifetime. .Read more.

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Additional Information




WinSession Logger advanced keylogger

The keylogger with advanced features and great price , FREE! not ( $29.95). WinSession Logger 5.7.2 captures every keystroke, image, etc. thanks to WinSession Logger you will be able to watch everything that was written including,urls, content from clipboard, etc. WinSession Logger is very easy to use and is hidden except to you. Keylogger WinSession Logger run under Windows 32: 7, Vista, XP,2000, 2003 and 2008.

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Main features of the keylogger:

Capture every keystroke after Windows logon, save control characters (Esc, Del, etc.)

Capture text and images copied to clipboard.

Makes screenshots (from version 5 of specific windows not of every window) within the specified time interval and play them in the same way as a slide show, including mouse pointer and position. Capture portions of the current screen for specific web pages on right clicks or left clicks.

Get the exact time when a word was written or a web was visited, capture urls from Internet Explorer 9,8.., Firefox 3.x, Google Chrome, Mozilla, Opera 10 and Netscape, discover for what they are using the brower.








Testing and reviews of keyloggers:


Instant Alerts

  • One of the most powerful features of WinSession Logger is its advanced Keyword Detection and Notification. Create a list of "on alert" words, when a word of the list is detected you will get a notification by email with an image.
  • Block the access to a program, Control Panel, web page, etc. conversation with a nickname, etc. filtering by windows'title.
  • Remote delivery by email (requires a SMTP account with or without TLS), FTP, web, LAN. You can send only one report at day at a defined hour. If you preffer images will be saved as JPG for instant visualization inside of your email client.
  • Monitors all users or a selection of the PC, even if you don't know their passwords.


  • Monitors all keylogger instances installed in your company, update configuration all from one main location.
  • Shut down, reboot, etc. the computer, update configuration from web daily.
  • Protect the keylogger with password, encript text reports, rename keylogger, monitor for a few of days and then stop monitoring activity.
  • Open activity reports(text, images) from Explorer, your email client, etc. by using file associations.
  • Excellent quality for image capture, play images like slide show; get an advanced keylogger at a cheap price accesible for everybody.

Keylogger invisible
Keylogger WinSession Logger doesn't appear in the start menu, add or remove programs, task manager, desktop, easily you won't be able to find where the software is installed.






Invisible Installation
Take an executable and using the "packager" build a new executable (trojan) using aditional licences and install in few seconds in your LAN using a tested configuration.





True support by email, helpdesk
While all the others keyloggers, products of high price provide live support 24/7, by using trained home users, only WinSession Logger provides support by email directly from the developer(s), thanks to it new features or bugs are fixed in hours or days, it doesn't happen with medium and big companies. The keylogger includes diagnostic functions.

¿What say our clients?
Dear Ramiro,

I have done what you mentioned. Software is working great now.
Thanks for support and advices.

Iran It
Thanks for your prompt reply. Updates are free I hope? Thanks.
S. Berisford

Lo he probado[la indicacion de uso del software como keylogger] y si que funciona correctamente (pulsando la tecla de acentos y luego la vocal a ser acentuada de forma muy rápida
o pulsando dos veces el acento).

Grácias por su rapidez en contestarnos.

Un saludo.

Emilio Torres

El software es grandioso, me ayudo a saber que estaba haciendo un sobrino mio y conocer a su entorno de amigos, ya que solia usar la computadora de sus padres.

Quiero decir gracias, WinSession Logger es el software de monitoreo que estaba buscando, en menos de un minuto aprendi a usarlo y no es costoso como otros.

Cromosoft hace un buén trabajo, recomendaría WinSession Logger a mis amigos y colegas.

Jose Capira

WinSession Logger is the best keylogger(compare features with expensive products), download the evaluation version (the evaluation version doesn't allow to build a trojan version of the keylogger and is limited to monitoring intervals of 120minutes).

14.07.2013. 03:11


TrackingRoute is a software designed specifically to provide web-based GPS tracking services for a "fleet" of vehicles. To date, Tracking Route is used in several companies in Perú. The types of vehicles are for public transport also can be compatible with taxis, delivery vans, trucks/trailers, farm equipment, personal vehicles, service vehicles, containers, ships, personal tracking, cell phones, and more.

TrackingRoute designed to fill the needs of an entry-level fleet tracking system, it is also very highly configurable and scalable to larger enterprises as well. Current Features:

TrackingRoute not only supports the data collection and storage of GPS Tracking and Telemetry data from remote devices, but also includes the following rich set of features:

  • Web-based authentication: Each user can login only in one Internet browser, and each user has its own login password and controlled access to sections within their account.
  • GPS tracking device independent: Devices from different manufacturers can be tracked simultaneously (requires programming 50, 100 lines with our help).
  • Current Support for the following GPS tracking devices is included with TrackingRoute: NCP-300x, if you are familiar with OpenGTS you can include more devices easily in few hours With custom coding, other devices can also be integrated as well using the included example "template" device communication server.
  • Customizable web-page layouts can be edited by Dreamweaver or other popular tool (PHP based): The look and feel of the tracking web site can easily be customized to fit the motif of the specific company or companies .
  • Switch companies or fleets with two clicks (superadministrator user)
  • Customizable mapping service: TrackingRoute comes with support for Google Maps by default. Within the TrackingRoute software, other mapping service providers can also easily be integrated. Customizable reports: Using an internal XML-based reporting engine, detail and summary reports can be customized to show historical data for a specific vehicle, or for the fleet.
  • Customizable geofenced areas: Custom geofenced areas (geozones) can be set up to provide arrival/departure events on reports.
  • Operating system independent: TrackingRoute itself is written in Java and PHP, using technologies such as Apache LAMP for web service deployment, and MariaDB or MySQL for the datastore.
  • As such, TrackingRoute will run on any system which supports these technologies (including Linux, OpenBSD, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 20XX, and more). i18n

Example Screen Shots:

GPS tracking software gps active more images from GPS software

TrackingRoute Arquitecture:

gps active

TrackingRoute includes a DCS from OpenGTS wich is licensed under the Apache Software License, version 2. If you know the basic about OpenGTS but you preffer PHP instead of Java this software is for you. Cromosoft can help you design a system that fits your specific requirements. Please contact us for additional information about price for your custom GPS tracking project.

See TrackingRoute in action at

Request a username and password defore of testing.


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